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WordPress Rescue - For all your website odd jobs.  

WordPress Rescue Pay Per Task  
Improving website one task at a time.

If you require a few changes or upgrades to your website and are  not subscribed to one of our website care plans, our WordPress Rescue Pay Per Task service  is the answer!  

For website owners who need help with a specific task. Want a button added?  Maybe a little shopping cart customization or new email opt-in? Simply choose from our list of services below or book a block of support time for the odds and ends that may not be listed.  

  • Design & Function
  • Add a Photo gallery
  • Add an Online Form
  • Embed a Video
  • Add/Edit Text or Images
  • Add Newsletter Signup
  • Add an Event Calendar
  • Embed Social Media Feed

Task Description

Connect with your users by embedding a social media feed directly on your website. Where are your customers hanging out - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram?  Any of these live feeds can be installed on any page of your site 

$75 per feed

  • Performance & Tracking
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Install Facebook Tracking
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Website Clean-up
  • SSL Certificate
  • Site Migration

Task Description

We'll move your website to a new directory, server or hosting account. Once your site is migrated it will be tested to ensure that everything is working properly.


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