WordPress Training

Learn how to update and add new content to your WordPress website!

You have a WordPress website, now what?

If you have a WordPress website or blog but are not comfortable making changes to it, our virtual WordPress Training is designed for you! WordPress training is customized specifically for your own website and the WordPress management skills most useful to you and your team.

Note: This WordPress training is for existing website owners who need help with a specific site. It is not how-to training on building a WordPress website. 

WordPress Training Information

  • In advance of the training we'll get in touch with you to arrange for website access and to find out what kind of website tasks you'd like to learn i.e. adding a new page, switching out a picture, etc. 
  • We'll provide you with a link where you can book your training on a day and time that's convenient for you. Once booked you'll receive a ZOOM link to access the virtual training on the schedule day.
  • Each training session is 1 hour. We will work through the list of tasks you would like help with so that you feel comfortable completing them on your own. 
  • An additional session is recommended if you want to go beyond website editing into ecommerce functions, site maintenance, online forms, etc. A follow-up session may also be useful once you've had time to work through the tasks we covered. We'll review anything you need additional instruction on, look at new tasks, etc.
  • To help keep you on track and reinforce the training, we'll provide you with instructional videos that you can use for future reference.
  • to arrange for in-office full or half-day training for your team please contact us. List Element

At present only virtual training is available.  Contact us to inquire about full and half day in-office training for larger corporate teams.


We highly recommend that your WP Core, theme and plugins be updated to the latest versions before the training session. Otherwise your website may have been, or be, vulnerable to malicious activity. There may also be compatibility issues due to outdated plugins that will interfere with site functionality. To be perfectly blunt - an outdated WordPress site will break or be hacked at some point and training will have been a waste of time & money.

We always perform a full backup of your website files and database before our training session in case something breaks. An updated site will greatly minimize this risk. If you are not sure how to update website software and plugins we can take care of that for you. An additional fee of $99 will apply.